'On the other side of side of a breakdown...IS A BREAKTHROUGH' - Maier long sleeve tee, sky


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a failure of a relationship or system.

[failure, collapse, disintegration, foundering, falling through; (informal) fizzling out]

It's been a time, maybe you're in the foetal position...

Fear not, the rear print 'BREAKTHROUGH' will be your emergency flare, magically glowing in the dark. BLOUSE saves. 

Graphics designed by transatlantic therapy specialists, Craig & Karl, are hand screen printed by hand in the city that never weeps, London.

These things come in waves, on the other side of a breakdown...is a breakthrough.


Some reasons to keep on kickin': 

  1. Sky blue is the warmest colour 
  2. 100% cotton
  3. Machine wash, nice and gentle
  4. Made in England
  5. Ribbed cuffs - push up to push through
  6. Reverse construction feat. wonderfully vulnerable exposed seams 
  7. Front - ‘On the other side of a breakdown...’ print in fresh white
  8. Back - 'is a BREAKTHROUGH' print in peach glow in the dark.